Friday, April 25, 2008

Home...the story so far

I guess it is about time I updated my blog. I have been back in Ireland now for about 5 weeks. A lot has happened, both strange, good, and surreal. How to address such happenings would probably take up an entire tome of such grand designs that people, that is you reader, would fall into a deep slumber after about 5 minutes. So instead, I will paraphrase and summarize the happenings and take on a rambling style again after this post. Those of you expecting a dazzling post of Irish birding will be both disappointed and lighting fireworks in celebration, depending on your predilections.

Smiler Being home has been both strange and wonderful. It has been wonderful to see and be with my family, seeing my sister and beautiful niece in Sardegna, and going out birding some old haunts along both the east and west Cork coasts. In the midst of such goings on, I found an apartment in Dublin in lieu of beginning my new job there, buying a car to keep me sane and not pissing my Dad off in requesting the car for my own use, and sorting out all sorts of other shite (personal internet connections, car insurance, car tax, savings schemes, pensions, investments etc.). Of course, the move to Dublin was something of a strange feeling.
El Padrino and Elia
My visit to Sardegna was brilliant. I hadn't seen my sister for 3 years. That is a long time without seeing someone whom I love deeply and care for so much, and would do anything for at the drop of a hat. She looked amazing and was so calm in herself which made me happy. She has found happiness in the birth of her amazing daughter and the support of her fantastic partner (who is one helluva of a chef too by the way to garner my favors). I was blown away by Elia. She is my blood, my family, and my goddaughter. Now, it's not that I am broody in anyway (anyone looking for a sperm donor, no problem, but maybe that's about as far as I'd go for now), it was just wonderful to watch her gazing around (when she wasn't sleeping, yawning, and concentrating on getting that liquid waste out) at the world about her. Brilliant, simply brilliant.
Now, the birding has been average. Dipping on several birds, too hungover to go for others, but I did find a Night Heron on the "local patch", which was nice, and bumped into a Tawny pipit while dipping on a Little Bittern in Waterford. Although some similar low listers in Ireland (you know who you are) remain dubious at best at my claim, one must always remember that I can identify Golden Plover at 10 miles distance... It was great to see some old places like Ballycotton, Clonakilty, Long Strand, Knockadoon Head, the North Channel, and the like. However, as the weather was predominantly shite (grey, wet, and windy) photos were noticeable by their absence. Birding for 2 hours in Sardegna was good though...
Greater Flamingo
The move to Dublin has been okay. The new job is going ok so far. A nice office to myself which is weird considering I worked in an open plan office for the last 3 years. More on that later as I feel I have rambled...after all, the intrigue will make you check back here soon :)

Carmo's Diet: This week, I have mostly been eating rocket lettuce, beetroot, salmon, and pumpkin seeds

Carmo's Birds: Cattle Egret, Night Heron, Tawny Pipit, Common Swift, House Martin, Willow Warbler

Carmo's Birds for Byrdy: Clémence Poésy


Anonymous Owen said...

You are believed oh great carmo-san!Cute niece!*Cue the proliferation of "Awwwwww"*

May 08, 2008 7:26 PM  
Anonymous king sailor said...

hopefully Elia can meet a nice boy like you when she gets older, you're great!! she is a bit of a looker tho.

hey i thought you'd be on real phood now that you're home, beetroot and pumpkin seeds ?? no wonder they gave you an office of your own..... is there room for a couple of pull out beds ? you could save on the apartment rent and sure it'll be nothing new spending all your time at wok (not a misspelling !),

will have to do the maritime birding too so bring your sunnies if you're comin to kingsail, any chance of a carmos back booze up on barracka to mark the return of the king ?? i'm sure we could get dan the man out of the austrian cellar for a couple of cheap pints a beamish, i'll leave it in your capable hands due to you working in new jack city and honest folk like me not daring to venture near the place,

the sun's due out this w/e so t-shirts and bravado along the stretch on barracka could be right up everyones alley, sully may even jet in for a sociable dozen, birding on barracka at the owners risk and not to bee encouraged


May 09, 2008 12:34 AM  
Anonymous col said...

hey fella - good to have ya back, and yer photos are showing some signs of improvements since i gave you those tips!

just don't get any more ticks!

May 09, 2008 6:23 AM  
Blogger S.C.E. said...

Nice Flamingo pics and yes babies are cute (my sister-in law had one last week).

Re "savings schemes, pensions, investments etc". I'll have to, er, think about these too, y'know, when I've got a bit of spare cash, like.....soon, soon......

I can sympathize with the crappy light spoiling photos over there on the western edge of Eurasia. Last month in the UK I got just 2 sunny days out of 15.

May 09, 2008 9:14 PM  
Blogger Damselfly said...

Why are u eating rabbit food dear? You back in Ireland for good? Does this mean no more lovely Japanese birds?

May 28, 2008 12:16 PM  
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