Thursday, June 19, 2008


it's been a while since I last posted. I guess I find it a bit more difficult to continue blogging now that I am back in Ireland. I am in the new job a while now and so far it is going well. Living in Dublin is a bit strange and startling, which is making settling in here a bit more difficult than I anticipated. Now, before I moved back here, I always felt that Dubland had its fair share of pompous arrogant twats, and so it has. Went out with folk from work to a dismal place called D2's. Although the beginning of the evening was good fun (the entire night was good fun actually) and crowd there pleasant, by the end of the night, the place was full of wannabe wannabes.
(VG and I at a Tigers game in Osaka)

For example, I was at the bar ordering a round and just asked the group of strangers how they were. To my astonishment, they just looked blankly at me, rolled their eyes to heaven and turned their backs...ignorant wankers. Thank Christ for my workmates and flatmate who are sound, like. At least I can have a decent conversation and a laugh with them, with no pretension whatsoever. Nice.

I went to Radiohead the week before last with JH. Incredible!!! What a performance, played in Malahide Castle. I have also been fortunate to acquire two tickets to see Mr. Tom Waits in Dublin!! A big thanks to FW for organizing that for me. I owe him big time for this. Taking my old man, Gandalf the Greyer, with me. Should be a hoot.

There has been some disappointment though. I found out today that I did not win Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008. Gutted. Distraught. Forlorn even!!! Seriously though, 2 of my entries reached the semi-final stages so I am well chuffed. They were from my trip to Yudanaka in Nagano in February to see the Japanese Macaques in the snow. Such a lasting memory that one. I do miss Japan. What makes it even worse is receiving emails from ND regaling tales from the last couple of trips to Ashyu forest in Kyoto prefecture where they saw a Black Bear!!! Devastated. ND and I saw bear claw marks on a tree last year and that is the nearest I have been to a wild bear. There's still time though...

A brilliant reunion of sorts last weekend with the old gang from uni was one of the highlights of the month. Brilliant to see everyone again, kids in tow and all. Superb day and a good laugh that night.

Some more items I am looking forward to are the visit of Horie-san and her sister next week and my trip to Geneva to visit VG on her brief stay there.

Carmo's Diet: This month, I have mostly been eating coving

Carmo's Birds: KING EIDER; Red-necked Phalarope*; GREY PARTRIDGE; Atlantic Puffin

Carmo's Birds for Byrdy: Anything will do at this stage


Blogger S.C.E. said...

City slickers are often w*nkers. If you cheerfully try and talk to them they think you're some kind of perv or stalker.

King Eider is pretty good. Never seen one of those.

VG looks pretty cute......can't remember the last time I saw someone normal looking with that color hair in Japan.....

Those monkey pics were great, I remember them on flickr. You deserved a prize.

Enjoy summer over there with those long summer evenings (why don't they change the clocks in Japan eh?).

June 19, 2008 2:16 PM  
Anonymous Owen said...

Thats what ya get for living on da southside!! They are all wankers!!;)
Next time head to a good narthsoyid pub for a few jars and a bowl of coddle....dirty ould towin.....dirty ould towin....

June 20, 2008 8:32 PM  
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