Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekeed away...with work...yippee do

the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a drag because despite fabulous weather during the week, it would piss out of the heavens for the weekend. A bit like western Europe right now except at least we have 5 days of sunshine and not constant rain. It's horrendous the way the weather systems are becoming so out of sinc, at least what we consider to be in out of sinc. Who's not to say that this is the way it's supposed to go? We'll never know. Anyway, I'm talking through my...

The weekend before last was supposed to be the return of Team No Disc-o to the playing fields of Taj-ultimate 2007 starring as the Paul McGrath of Ultimate Disc, yours truly, but alas the long-standing back injurty prevented me from travelling with the team. I was pissed off about that and spent the weekend, a holiday one at that, in the chiropractor and doing not much else due to the pissing rain. On Sunday night I met a few friends and headed to a burlesque show featuring the world-famous murasaki babydoll troupe from Tokyo. They won some big awards in the States last year and this year. It was hilarious and we had a great night. Eva was hot as and we met her afterwards (see left). There was a magician who also performed called Sexy Da Vinchi and he had the whole place laughing. It was hilarious. We also met him afterwards and is, allegedly, coming to a bbq YN has organized for August 5th.

A massive earthquake hit Niigata the following morning on Monday 16th, and it nearly threw me off my chair while sitting in front of the computer at home. It was the fist earthquake that I have felt in my apartment. My apartment building is quite a strong and relatively new structure so it should be okay to withstand a big earthquake (at least I hope it will be). It was quite incredible to feel that power and I can not even begin to imagine what it must be like to experience a really big earthquake. Quite frightening I would think. Thankfully we didn't feel anything of the Man-yi typhoon that devastated western Japan. The wind was stronger than normal, but that was about all.

As for the Koya-san trip away with work last weekend...the highlight was driving in PJ's new motor. It's a class car and so cool. The car came with sat-nav which is just class. Looks like it could be an interesting few months while PJ has the motor...roll on the road trips to Lawson and Konoike 280!!! haha...(sorry Mum, as you can see I still have a ciggie in my hand...I don't inhale anymore though :))

Bird wise: nada, zero, nil, all over the place, too hot, too wet, too windy. Insect photos are the new craze. Check out my photos for a better look see.

Carmo's Diet: This week, I have mostly been eating mosquitoes

Carmo's Birds: Japanese Bush Warbler

Carmo's Birds for Byrdy: Jennifer Connelly (again)

Tv highlights: 24 Season 6

Monday, July 09, 2007

it's been a while...

since I posted. Between back pain and all else Japan, it's been the usual run-of-the mill. I went to the chiropractor again last week and he did a good job. At a bbq yesterday I played a bit of ball which I shouldn't have done. Woke up this morning not being able to move so stumbled and hobbled to the chiropractor again. He did his job, gave me a "herbal" remedy and I have slept all day long. He told me to lie down for the day and not sit on a chair. So I did. I slept. And slept. If the cycle is broken then it should be okay. I am typing this standing up. If I can sleep, my back will get rest. If my back gets rest, i can sleep. If this cycle is maintained, all should be good.

The last couple of weekends have been pretty relaxed. A bit of birding with Neil, Rob and Aya. Plenty of Green Pigeons, Woodpeckers, Jungle Nightjars, calling Ruddy Kingfishers (still not seen them though), Little, Hawk, and Oriental Cuckoos. A long weekend next weekend. I am off to Tajima with Rob, Mana, and Aya for a couple of nights. Should be fun. I got a 100mm Macro lens for the camera yesterday so hopefully you'll be enjoying some photos of beasties and abstract images soon. Hard lens to work with though. The dof is so shallow.

I hope this finds everyone in good spirits. I am going back to bed for there is more healing to be done and work tomorrow.